Earing Points

Earing points is very simple but this is the part most people have trouble. Earing points is very simple compared to other sites like Prizerebel and Rewards1 because on those sites there is just one way to earn points 'offers'. points2shop on there other hand is different because to earn points you an play games against other users, the weekly lottery, daily clicks and offers. Below I will explain how to do each of these thing with a video tutorial.
100 points = 1 dolloar

Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets can be earned by posting a deal on the fourms or by playing spin2win which is a game that pops up by claiming to complete a offer.

Playing Games

This is one of the easist way to earn points. To play games you have to hower your mouse above the earn points tab and click play games. This works by paying 10 to 50 points and winner gets 90% of the total and 10% goes to the site. NOTE - This video was not made it was just used as an example

Daily Clicks is only Avaliable to Us and Ca users

Daily clicks is new to the site and basically all you have to do is click on the link they give you then mark it as a claimed offer then wait to get your points.

Completing offers

Completing offer is very easy compared to other sites because its much more simpler. All you have to do is click on the link fill out whatever they give you and mark it as complete to get to offers hover your mouse above earn point then click on free offers or paid offers. Remember to use spam email accounts and clear cokkies (i will explain what this means on another page) Below is a video on how to do a offer. 
NOTE - Video does not belong to me i just used it as an example.